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Gian Battista Moretti

Gian Battista Moretti was born April 13, 1984 in the province of Bergamo. At home he breathes immediately the value of work and, above all, of craftsmanship. It is precisely from his maternal grandfather, Alessandro called "Sandri" Premarini, that Gian Battista receives a passion for carpentry, a trade rooted in the family for over three generations. He spends his childhood, in fact, between his school commitments and his grandfather's workshop, first as a child observer and soon as a helper. The noise of the machines and the smell of cut wood, sawdust and the art of building with wood is part of the everyday life of a boy who starts to learn this noble craft, as per family tradition. At 14, Gian Battista Moretti learns from his grandfather the skill and mastery of working solid wood: from the most noble and hard woods, such as the national walnut or cherry, to the softest woods. In 20 years of experience, today Gian Battista Moretti can create custom-made furniture and furnishings using the most varied and modern paneling, he can make doors and windows of high quality and performance. Keeping alive the spirit of family craftsmanship, which he carries forward with pride daily, he also dedicates himself to the careful restoration of antique furniture, using precise and refined techniques. Tradition, mastery, precision, art and creativity are the keywords of a career that still has much to offer and innovate.

  • Master carpenter
  • Furniture installer
  • Antique restorer
  • Carpenter management manager

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For over twenty years Gian Battista Moretti has been working and harmonizing wood and creating objects and furniture of the highest quality.






Furniture fitter






Mobile designers






Gian Battista Moretti creates objects, adapts and restores existing furniture and customizes them as requested by the clientele.

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Project analysis

Careful study and analysis of the need with the clients.

Check with the client

Continuous comparison with the customer during the design phase.


Design, prototyping and project modifications as required.


Creation and implementation of projects commissioned by the clients.

Post-realization assistance

Support for products even after construction and assembly.

Work assistance

Assistance and consultancy for products and works not of his own production.


Gian Battista Moretti creates objects, adapts and restores existing furniture and customizes them as requested by the customers.



The multiplicity of works carried out, the experience gained alongside master craftsmen and new technologies have allowed Gian Battista Moretti to grow professionally, increasing his competence and creativity. All this is an added value of great importance.

Commitment and will

Studies, commitment and will characterize Gian Battista Moretti and all the work done, making him aware that The Italian handicraft is of high quality and its professional figure is of high quality.


The craftsmanship skills in woodworking and a constantly renewed and updated professionalism to ensure excellent achievements, lead Gian Battista Moretti to improve himself in every job, in every piece of furniture. But that's not all: knowing how to fit a pre-packaged piece of furniture, adapting it, shaping it and making it perfect for a certain environment, understanding which is the best solution for the customer and creating modern or antique style even just a wardrobe is not a trivial matter.

Thanks to the know-how and the latest generation tools used for woodworking, Gian Battista Moretti creates customized solutions for every environment and request of the Customer, optimizing the spaces giving the right personality, caught by the analysis of both the place but above all of whom will live or work in that place. The study is essential and the planning is the first step for a perfect realization, wonderful and fully satisfying the customers.

Being an expert in woodworking does not preclude the simplest jobs such as the installation of doors and windows or the installation of roller shutters because the dexterity and multiple requests stimulate Gian Battista Moretti's creativity and desire to do. It is the high craftsmanship skills in woodworking, a professionalism that is always renewed and updated to guarantee excellent achievements that lead him to try his hand at 360 ┬░ realizations or repairs because his manual ability has no limits and creativity is synonymous with joy and pleasure for the own work, one's passion.

"I believe in my work, I like it. I want to pass on the tradition to my children and make my grandfather, from whom i learned so much, very proud of my work.. I am lucky because I do what I have always dreamed of doing."

Gian Battista Moretti - Master Carpenter


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